Our Mission: To provide quality residential and behavioral health opportunities and community-based services to individuals with developmental disabilities, that improve the quality of life, further personal growth, improve functional skills, promote consumer empowerment to enrich the lives of the people we serve.

Service Principles

We continuously strive to fulfill our mission using the following service principles:

  1. Individuals are actively involved in and determine the design and implementation of their service plan.
  2. Individuals have access to a system of comprehensive and integrated community-based services.
  3. Services promote natural and community supports including family friends and other citizens.
  4. Services are relevant to the individuals’ age, abilities and life goals.
  5. Services demonstrate respect for the rights and dignity of all individuals.
  6. Services incorporate the culture and value system of the individual.
  7. Individual choice, satisfaction, safety and positive outcomes are the focus of services.
  8. Individuals are offered the support and services and services necessary to be successful where they live, work and play.
  9. Services are designed to foster communities where all members are included, respected and valued.
  10. Individuals have the right to expect the highest quality of care provided by well trained, caring staff.

Placement into an I.M.P.A.C.T. 6- bed residential facilities is determined by St Clair County Community Mental Health. For more information about placement contact the ACCESS center at (888) 225-4447.


Allen Road Home

Phone: (810) 329-9119 • FAX: (800) 248-1568

Belle River Road Home

Phone: (810) 765-3562 • FAX: (800) 248-1568

Michigan Road Home

Phone: (810) 984-3553 • FAX: (800) 248-1568

Simpson Road Home

Phone: (810) 985-5706 • FAX: (800) 248-1568

Vine Street Home

Phone: (810) 329-2718 • FAX: (800) 248-1568

Wells Street Home

Phone: (810) 216-6489 • FAX: (800) 248-1568