Mental Health Services are provided to assist an individual with quality of life improvements, personal growth opportunities, coping skills and overall daily functioning.

This is done using the most modern of psychotherapy techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and other research-based models. These services include complete individualized assessments, individual, marital, family, child and adolescent treatment sessions, psychological testing and psychiatric services.


Substance Abuse services are offered to improve the quality of life through abstinence and prevention of relapse.

This is done by our professional staff using only proven researched based methods of treatment which is individualized based on each person’s needs. These techniques include evaluation, outpatient therapy, relapse prevention, psychiatric service and a variety of group therapies.


Vocational Group

This evidence based program was designed to assist people on their journey with mental health and substance abuse recovery. We focus on gaining personal insight that will assist a person being successful when they enter the work force and/or return to school. We will attempt to assist clients in removing their barriers that impedes them from being a productive member of the work force and society.

  • Schedule:
    • Monday: 9:00AM – 10:30AM
    • Wednesday: 9:00AM – 10:30AM


Intermediate Chemical Dependency Group

This 16 session program is based on the evidenced based program The Matrix Model. The group is designed to assist in early recovery for people who suffer from addictions to mood altering substances. Some of the topics include; Motivation for recovery, common challenges and stages in early recovery, effects of mood altering substances, triggers, dangerous emotions, defining spirituality, 12 step wisdom, recognizing stress, trust and truthfulness, repairing relationships, addictive and compulsive behaviors, sex and recovery, relapse justification.

  • Schedule:
    • Tuesday: 11:00AM – 12:30PM
    • Tuesday: 6:00PM – 7:30PM
    • Thursday: 11:00AM – 12:30PM
    • Thursday: 6:00PM – 7:30PM
  • Weekly Sessions: 8


Co Occurring Disorder Group

This group focuses on helping individuals with both mental health and substance abuse issues. The group offers education and information discussing such issues as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, and mood disturbance, all while focusing on how this relates to substance abuse and addiction. The group develops strategies and plans for relapse prevention as well as coping mechanisms for mental health concerns.

  • Weekly Sessions: 10


After Care Group

The Aftercare group provides a place for it’s members to refine or continue to develop their recovery plans, which include relapse prevention. Aftercare provides information that can assist the members with the ability to integrate their Recovery into their lives. The provided material focuses on how their health, their priorities, their emotions, and their thoughts all play a role in effecting their sustained recovery over the length of their lifetime. The Aftercare group provides a “tool box” that the members can take with them and refer back to from time to time as they need too


Initial Substance Use Disorder Group

The Initial Substance Use Disorder group is designed for individuals that require basic education on the effects of alcohol and other drugs. We provided structured group activities and discussions that enhance the learning process in this introductory group.

  • Schedule:
    • Monday: 6:00PM – 7:30PM
  • Weekly Sessions: 8


Women’s Domestic Violence

A Nonviolence curriculum for women. This program is for women who have been violent in their intimate partner relationships. The focus is not to challenge the morality of their use of violence, but to explore with them the nature of their intimate relationship and their ability to function within it in ways that are life giving, dignifying, and life sustaining, rather than life draining and diminishing. The curriculum is designed to draw on a woman’s strengths, providing education and support and helping them envision a future that is free of both their violence and that of their abusers.

12-Step Program

The group is designed to help individuals who are committed to recovery work together to improve their chances at sustaining sobriety. It is intended to enhance the process of step work for individuals involved in self-help meetings outside of the group.

  • Schedule:
    • Wednesday: 1:00PM – 2:30PM


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