Incorporation to Maximize Personal Achievement with Community Training


Our Mission: To provide quality residential and behavioral health opportunities and community-based services that improve the quality of life, further personal growth, improved functional skills, promote consumer empowerment, and enrich the lives of the people we serve through information, referral, advocacy, prevention and treatment.

Since 1978, IMPACT has provided quality residential care for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill, as well as assisted living services, community-based advocacy and supports, mental health and substance abuse outpatient counseling and support services, psychiatric consultation, and prevention programs in St. Clair County. These services are provided to people with complex developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, medical and health-related disabilities, the elderly in need of assisted living and persons with substance use problems.


Licensed residential services are currently provided throughout St. Clair County. We have a range of facilities including 6 Adult Foster Care Facilities (AFC) for the developmentally disabled, one 20-bed assisted living and one 15-bed Semi-independent facility for the elderly, handicapped, developmentally disabled and mentally ill individuals. These services are provided on a 7 days per week, 24 hours per day basis. This program has a licensed capacity of 83 consumers.


Substance abuse and mental health treatment services are provided to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in both individual and group settings. Person-centered services are provided to each consumer based on their identified needs. The clinical counseling department offers a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of individuals on an outpatient basis. These programs and services are available based upon comprehensive clinical assessments provided by the agency’s professional staff. Our mission is to provide quality mental health and substance abuse treatment services to the residents of our community.


Prevention services are provided for the benefit and education of residents of St Clair County. Fully certified prevention specialists provide informative education presentations for the adult and juvenile intervention centers, local area school districts, batterer’s domestic violence classes, adult and adolescent anger management classes and alcohol and tobacco vendor education. All programs provided are supported by research and outcome-based data. Many of the services are provided free or at a minimal charge. Our mission is to provide quality training and education which helps eliminate the use of illegal drugs, tobacco and violence.